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Build Your Team with CIEE 

CIEE makes hiring the enthusiastic, committed international students you’re looking for easy, and we offer the best support in the industry. As a leader in international exchange, we know how to help you make next season a great success, for you and the students you welcome.

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Build Your Team with CIEE

Through CIEE Work & Travel USA, You Can: 

  • Provide a life-changing experience for young people from all over the world 
  • Be a citizen ambassador and contribute to U.S. diplomacy 
  • Bring cultural exchange and diversity to your workplace and your community
  • Build and enrich your seasonal team 
  • Recruit the best candidates Simplify your hiring

CIEE and the J-1 Visa: Goodwill That’s Good for Business

The U.S. Department of State began issuing J-1 Summer Work Travel exchange visitor visas more than 45 years ago. This successful diplomatic initiative allows university students to enter the United States, work for up to four months, and travel while they learn about America. The J-1 program promotes cultural exchange and goodwill, enriching the students as well as the businesses and communities that welcome them.

CIEE was one of the first organizations chosen by the Department of State to administer this program. Today we are the largest J-1 visa sponsor. Each year, CIEE Work & Travel USA connects more than 20,000 international students with great employers across the United States who are dedicated to providing a positive cultural exchange experience for their students.

We serve as visa sponsor, international recruiting and hiring service, cultural exchange guide, and facilitator. When you choose CIEE Work & Travel USA, you’ll meet your business needs, benefit your community, and promote international understanding, all at the same time. And, we do it all in a way that makes your job easier, with outstanding support that gives you peace of mind.

It’s Time to Start Working on Next Season

Whether you’re new to work exchange or have a longstanding relationship with CIEE, we’re ready to help you find, hire and support eager student employees who are sure to make your next season a success. Your dedicated CIEE account managers – helpful, knowledgeable professionals who know your individual business – make the whole process easier for you. They are part of our collaborative team of expert staffing consultants, recruiters and support staff. And they are all standing by, ready to assist you.

We will show you how CIEE makes staffing simple, with tailored hiring services that fit your business, no matter how large or small. To get started, contact us today at or 1-866.609.CIEE.

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