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TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is also referred to as TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). A TEFL certification qualifies teachers to teach English as a foreign language abroad or at home. Fluent English speakers can get certified online with CIEE and open doors to a life of travel, or qualify themselves to teach English in different outlets. 

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About CIEE TEFL Certification

We believe that English teachers are part of humanizing international relations, and the purpose of teaching English is to facilitate intercultural exchange in the classroom, and provide opportunities for students in a globalized world.

CIEE offers a 150-hour TEFL Certification course (130 hours of online coursework and 20 hours of in-person practicum) to fluent or advanced English speakers. This course exceeds the industry standards and international requirements. Our course is also internationally recognized and never expires. Students who complete our course will be certified for life.

The final curriculum includes elements of CIEE's unique intercultural competence program, history of the English language, second language acquisition theory, classroom management skills, lesson planning for different learning styles, and grammar review. Our distinctive intercultural units are a crucial element to the course. They prepare teachers for success in a diverse classroom, and help support our mission to train empathetic instructors committed to bridging cultural divides.

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Value to Your Clients and Community

Give your clients and community maximum opportunities. This certification can be used to teach English abroad or in one’s home country to non-native speakers. CIEE TEFL alumni have held positions as lead teachers, teaching assistants, conversation leaders, and one-on-one tutors, both in-person and virtually.

A TEFL certification is also a useful gateway into a new industry. After teaching for a few years, many certified teachers decide to make TEFL a career and embark on a master's degree or PhD in TESOL.

Our intercultural competence preparation also allows alumni to venture into the diverse industry of international relations. Teaching English as a Foreign Language has often led graduates to careers in higher education, advising, and international exchange.


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