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Custom Exchange Programs

Your Organization Can Have A Global Footprint

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Empower Tomorrow's Changemakers Through Work and Study Exchange

Cross-cultural study, internship, and career training programs help both students and professionals develop the insight and skills they need to become active, responsible global citizens – a prerequisite for success in today’s global economy. That’s why it’s so important for organizations of all sizes to implement powerful, meaningful international exchange strategies. Overwhelmed by the idea? Don’t be! CIEE is here to help you have a global imprint without increasing your staffing needs or your budget.

  • Programs designed to meet your unique mission and objectives
  • Complete “White Label” branding
  • In-country support — including hiring, training, and supervision of local staff
  • Outreach and applicant recruitment
  • Rigorous screening, evaluation, and selection of participants
  • Comprehensive mentoring and support for participants
  • In-house insurance administration
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Accounting and audit control
  • Reporting and results assessment

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At CIEE, we’re committed to helping you develop an international program that meets the unique needs of your organization’s mission and objectives. If you can dream it, we can make it happen! Some of the nearly endless possibilities include:


Civic Leadership Conferences

Sponsor an innovative, action-oriented conference engaging university students in support of democratic institutions and preparing them for leadership roles in their neighborhoods, cities, and regions. Your support for citizen diplomats just beginning their careers can inspire a generation to make a tangible difference.

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Professional Internships

Support international economic development by funding professional internships for talented university students. In addition to providing invaluable U.S. business experience, formation of an alumni network upon return will foster an enduring connection to American culture and democratic values.

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Establish scholarships for international students to complete an intensive summer curriculum in global entrepreneurship hosted at a leading U.S. university. We’ll work with you to design the program, identify acceptance criteria, and select participants; we can also help form a meaningful post-program alumni group for sustained impact.


Organized Study Tours

NGO Boards considering the best way to achieve impact on a specific issue or in a given region can turn to CIEE for organized study tours to gain in-depth knowledge from academics and experts. Relying on our university study centers located in more than 40 countries around the world, you can be sure that the information is accurate, timely, and targeted to your specific interests.

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Maximize the impact and value of your investment by taking advantage of our global network. CIEE is active in more than 70 countries, so we can facilitate custom exchange programs just about anywhere in the world. Our headquarters in Portland, Maine provides you access to IT, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Compliance and Client Relations departments.

Case Study


Baltic-American Freedom Foundation


  • Support professional development of outstanding students and recent university graduates, especially in emerging fields.
  • Provide research opportunities for Baltic academics and support Baltic-American collaborative research.


CIEE staff in the Baltics and the U.S. collaborated to conduct a highly competitive selection process, creating custom internships at leading U.S. companies and NGOs, and supporting collaborative research opportunities in the U.S. CIEE also launched Baltic-American Dialogue, which provides small grants to Baltic public organizations who host U.S. speakers to provide training and consultation.


What People are Saying

  • "You’ll be able to take advantage of what the United States has to offer and bring that knowledge back here to Latvia for your community’s development."

    Baiba Orbidane – Lawyer, LAWIN, Certified Mediator in Latvia