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For Work Exchange

The Opportunity and Adventure of a Lifetime

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CIEE connects you with employers who know that what you find when you reach the United States is important. They’re giving you more than a job. They are giving you the chance to see America in a whole new way. And CIEE Work & Travel USA does all we can to make your experience rich and meaningful, with special events just for CIEE students, cultural guidance, and tips on things to see and do while you are in the United States.

As a camp counselor on CIEE’s Camp Exchange USA program, you will spend up to ten weeks in the great outdoors, gaining new skills, learning to be a leader and experiential educator, and making friendships that last a lifetime. Plus, you will have 30 days following the camp experience to travel the country, taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes that make America unique!

At CIEE, we offer two programs that allow you to come to the U.S. for the summer and work alongside Americans: