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CIEE partners with globally focused and well-known universities and colleges to provide short-term, typically unpaid international internship opportunities for their students in cities around the world.

CIEE offers both in-person internship experiences as well as online (virtual) internship programs.

We have built an exceptional track record of matching motivated, vetted, and qualified students to internship experiences at companies like yours – whether that is a start-up, multinational business, or NGO – which offer rich opportunities for growth. CIEE student interns are ready to perform project-based work for your organization in a variety of fields.

Whether you are looking to host a full-time intern, or a part-time intern for 12-weeks or longer, our internship programs draw academically driven students from every major and field of study.

CIEE will:

  • match students to an internship at your business through an extensive and personalized placement process
  • provide comprehensive program management via a dedicated central team and local resident directors and program managers
  • provide host employer support to you and your interns, 24/7, 365 days per year
  • handle all logistics, like visa support
  • diversify your workplace and broaden your employees’ networks

We’re not a placement agency, we’re a partner! CIEE will consult with you to help you develop or identify dedicated internship projects that will add value to your organization while supporting the professional development of our students.

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